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Regular Price $225

Available in solid mahogany or gloss black. With marques for most automobiles, please call us for availability. Absolutely the finest shift knob you will ever own. We worked for almost two years to create a design that was at once classic in style but also truly ergonomic.

Shift KnobThe shape is the result of constant testing, evolution and modification based on actual A/B comparisons of various prototypes by visiting customers. “Which feels better? Why? What would you change? Where exactly? How? Will you indicate the area with this marker?” over and over until every single person chose the shape we offer you here. Feeling is believing, we know you will be astounded by how the knob joins seamlessly to your grasp, especially when shifting hard and fast, when it matters most.

That is just the beginning, this clean and elegant design features our own unique self centering all metal mounting system that is the most solid and secure you will ever experience. No more automatically “righting” the shift knob before you start the car. The shift knob fits all shafts from 6mm to 15mm [1/4” to 5/8”] without any bothersome inserts to fumble with and eventually misplace.

The total package is executed in solid imported mahogany and CNC machined billet aluminum. All emblems used are genuine oven fired enamel . There is no plastic in the entire assembly from start to finish. Final machining and assembly is performed in house one piece at a time at our own facility here in the U.S.A. You can spend more but you cannot find better. Finally - a shift knob that is the equal to the special car it adorns.

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